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Improve Insulin Resistance 

Your complete guide to lowering your insulin levels, feeling amazing, and improving your health and hormones with PCOS.

If you have insulin resistance and feel completely confused about how to manage it....


If you crave carbs and have poor energy all the time...


If advice to "just lose weight" has gotten you nowhere...


Then this course is for you!

You've tried diet after diet and ultimately end up in the same place with your PCOS. You're exhausted, struggle with hunger and carb cravings and feel confused with the conflicting nutrition advice you've read online. You want a safe space to learn how to improve hormones without the focus being on weight loss. You're in the right place.

By the end of this course,

you will feel confident in knowing how to…


  • Heal Constant Hunger and Low Energy Levels 

    Learn how to build meals and snacks so that you can feel amazing! It IS possible to get through each day without being distracted by carb cravings and constant hunger. 
  • Improve PCOS Symptoms

    Have a more regular period, decrease acne, and improve hirsutism and hair thinning. When you have insulin resistance, this is what's causing these symptoms!   
  • Lower Your A1c, Blood Sugar, and Triglycerides 

    This course will give you the tools you need to balance blood sugars and see these labs come down.
  • Prevent Diabetes and Heart Disease

    You'll learn how to improve health markers associated with PCOS - elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin and blood glucose.
  • Incorporate Supplements That are Appropriate for You

    If Metformin has you living in the bathroom or you just want to try an alternative to assist with insulin resistance then you're in the right place.
  • Enjoy Carbs and Sugar Without Stress or Anxiety

    This course will teach you how to manage insulin resistance without cutting out food groups. Food is a huge part of our emotional well-being, and you deserve to enjoy meals without fearing bread, pasta, and sugar!

"I had a few "light bulb moments" during the course where I realized the way I was feeling was actually connected to PCOS. When I was diagnosed I was told "lose weight and come back when you want to get pregnant". Sam helped me realize that I need therapy to address my anxiety and to let go of what I think I "should do" surrounding food and exercise. My blood pressure hasn't spiked at a doctors office the last couple times I went, and my A1c dropped from an 8.1 to a 6.8 in 4 months! The best part is that it feels very sustainable because I don't feel like I am doing anything - just living my life!"

- Course Graduate

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"I could not recommend this programme enough. I feel so validated to finally start understanding the science behind PCOS in a way I never have before. I no longer feel like it's my fault that my body is this way, or that I'm not trying hard enough. Sam gives you information that is both founded in science and enveloped in empathy, her approach is a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by fatphobia and misunderstandings about PCOS. I came out of the course feeling understood, validated and empowered to make decisions about my life that are best for me, mentally and physically."

- IR Course Graduate


"I learned so much about IR and PCOS, and how I can gently modify what I eat to help them! Sam is so friendly and informative and approached sensitive subjects without judgement. I did not ever feel pressured, guilty, or bad about myself which was a huge win. It was such a positive experience. I am so happy I invested in the IR course!"

- IR Course Graduate


"I come from a long term macro/calorie counting background, so it was really scary to transition into intuitive eating because it was the total opposite of everything I had been accustomed to. At first it was really scary, and I was worried I might make my labs worse, but in fact SAM WAS RIGHT, everything improved. My A1C improved quite a bit which was amazing, I was able to enjoy outings freely with my family without counting or tracking and really just engage in life without having the focus be on food. This is a great program if you are ready to put down dieting and just learn to eat."

- Sarah


What’s Inside the Course


Intro Module

Understanding Insulin Resistance

This module gives you some background information on what insulin resistance is so that you can have a better understanding of what's going on in your body.

Module Highlights:

  • Understanding insulin resistance
  • An overview of signs and symptoms 
  • What labs to monitor for health
  • The cycle of PCOS hormone imbalances
    How to manage insulin resistance while still having a health relationship with food 


Module 1

Pairing Carbs with Fat and Protein

Pairing carbs with fat and protein is the foundation of improving insulin resistance. 

Module Highlights:

  • How to identify carbs, fats, and proteins
  • How to pair carbs, fats, and proteins at meals
  • Learn how to build snacks that incorporate this principle
Module 2

Increasing Fiber

Fiber intake is another piece of managing insulin resistance. Feel confident in choosing foods that meet your fiber intake needs!

Module Highlights:

  • Understanding why fiber is important
  • Identify which foods are good sources of fiber
  • Learn how to build meals and snacks that include fiber
Module 3

Additional Nutrition Principles  

After you've mastered pairing carbs and increasing fiber, this module will teach you additional nutrition concepts that can help you improve insulin resistance.

Module Highlights:

  • How to enjoy sweets with insulin resistance
  • Going out to eat without stressing out about carbs
  • How meal timing affects insulin levels
  • What you need to know about alcohol and beverage intake
Module 4

Supplements for Insulin Resistance

This module provides a comprehensive overview of supplement recommendations for insulin resistance.

Module Highlights:

  • The top supplements that can improve insulin resistance
  • Dosage recommendations
  • Pros / cons of each supplement
  • Brand recommendations
Module 5

Lifestyle Factors 

Balancing hormones is about more than just nutrition and movement. This module will cover other lifestyle factors that could be affecting your insulin resistance and PCOS symptoms.

Module Highlights:

  • Tips for stress management
  • Why sleep is important and how you can improve it
  • What you need to know about exercise and insulin resistance

When you enroll, you'll get:


  • 6 Online Learning Modules

    A comprehensive overview of how to improve insulin resistance with PCOS.

  • Downloadable Handouts

    Each module contains PDF handouts that you can download and keep forever.
  • Access for 1 Year

    In case you'd like to go back and reference the material after the live course support ends.

Total Value: $1,000

Plus These Bonuses! 


Bonus 1

Private Facebook Community

For added support and community

(A $450 Value)

What You’ll Get:

We'll be offering a LIVE 7-week course launch. One module will be released per week for 5 weeks, and then you'll have 2 extra weeks to review modules and ask questions. You will receive access to a private Facebook community with other course participants during this time.

  • Get extra support and ask questions
  • Share wins
  • Connect with others with similar experiences
Bonus 2

PCOS Recipe E-Books

To give you new cooking ideas!

(A $50 Value)

What You’ll Get:

Two digital recipe downloads:

  • PCOS breakfasts
  • Lunches, dinners, and sides for PCOS

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:


Improve Insulin Resistance Modules - $1,000 Value

  • Unlimited Support in the Facebook Community for 7 weeks - $500 Value

Total Value Including Bonuses: $1,500

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

Full Payment

1 payment of $347


Installment Plan

2 payments of $187


Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for the course:

Enroll in Improve Insulin Resistance with PCOS!

Full Payment

1 Payment of $347


Installment Plan

2 payments of $187


Still thinking about it?

Read below to see if you're a good fit… 

This course is PERFECT for you if you...

  1. Were diagnosed with insulin resistance, prediabetes, or type 2 diabetes, and feel overwhelmed with how to improve this.
  2. Feel stress and anxiety around carbs, sugar and making food choices.
  3. Wish that you could stop yo-yo dieting and you're looking for practical nutrition information that's realistic and sustainable.
  4. Need help with improving labs like A1c, blood sugar, and elevated triglycerides.
  5. Would enjoy being in a course that teaches you how to improve hormone balance without focusing on weight loss.
  6. Would feel relieved being in an environment that is focused on your overall health and well-being rather than the number on the scale.

You would NOT be a good fit for the course if you....

  1. Feel confused about whether you have insulin resistance and you would like help and support getting clarification on this.
  2. Want to be in an environment that focuses on weight and weight loss.
  3. Don't love the idea of taking a non-diet approach to managing insulin resistance... you need to be told what to eat. You like the idea of counting and tracking things.
  4. Don't use Facebook but would like the benefit of a community while you work through the material.
  5. Are not the type of person who would like going through virtual learning modules independently.

I can’t wait for you to join Improve Insulin Resistance 


My name is Sam and I'm a registered dietitian who specialized in nutrition for PCOS. I have helped hundreds of clients just like you honor their health and hormones using a non-diet approach to nutrition.

I created this course after working with way too many clients who received little to no tools to improve their insulin resistance and PCOS symptoms. You deserve to feel your best each day. You deserve to enjoy food. And you deserve to feel confident in how to manage PCOS with insulin resistance.

I'm looking forward to having you in the course!

Sam - your PCOS Registered Dietitian